Suspect fatally shot by Saranac Lake officers when lunging at them with a knife

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Officials have released bodycam footage today of a man fatally shot by police outside a Stewart's Shop in Saranac Lake.

New York Attorney General Letitia James released the footage as part of the investigation into the death of Joshua De'Miguel Kavota, 33, of Saranac Lake, who was shot after lunging at a female police officer with a knife on July 1.

The footage, taken from the bodycam on Saranac Lake police Officer Gabrielle Beebe, shows Beebe and her partner approach Kavota outside the Stewart's Shop after they responded to a reported stabbing.

In the video, Beebe repeatedly asks Kavota to hand over a knife. Kavota refuses before saying, "I would be careful what you wish..." as he rushes her, causing her to stumble back and fall over.

Seconds later, Kavota can be seen lying on the pavement, before both officers attempt to administer first aid.

Later in the video, Officer Aaron Sharlow says he shot Kavota two times in the chest during the attack. An ambulance arrives a short time later, after which the video ends.

Kavota was later pronounced dead after being transported to Adirondack Medical Center.

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