Body cam shows Tampa police officers and good Samaritans round up a sheep and lambs on the highway

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Someone lost livestock on a busy Florida highway, but luckily good Samaritans were around to save the day.

Officers responded to an animal rescue call (originally thought to be goats) at around 9:30 a.m. In the clip, people are huddled, crouching on the shoulder of the road.

Two men then carry a large white sheep and place it gently into the back of the patrol car. Following close behind is a man holding a brown lamb bleating loudly. “Baa, baa.” Finally, a laughing woman with a dark-colored lamb in her arms helps it into the vehicle.

Soon, all three family members are safely in the patrol car, and the door shuts. The video ends with a cop leaning into the window and sweetly assuring the mama, “You’re OK with your babies.”

The animals are indeed OK — “safe and sound with their owners,” said the agency.

The post, which initially said the sheep were goats, used wordplay in the release.

“After Gasparilla, there was Goatsparilla,” joked the TPD about the popular, pirate-themed festival that takes over the Tampa Bay every year.

But numerous eagle-eyed commenters called the cops out, saying that those bleating cuties in the bodycam were a different species.

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