Weekend Cinema - down the tubes..

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whodathunk it would take this much prepp in order to make a friggin' tube - but there ya go.... there was a time when Engerland turned out these stainless tube pipes by the mile but like everything else and for the industrialists who worked it out [that] it'd be a lot cheaper if they could pay their workers half the amount which they did here in Old Blighty and 'Elf and Safety' would play less of a role in the proceedings - all those rules only get in the way anyway - ask Stockton Rush...

There's a lot to take care off and the materiel is razor sharp on the edges - it'll take your fingers off in a quick swoop if you don't have your wits about you....these guys deserve their pay... there's not many young men in Britain today ready to take on such work - especially if there isn't an app bundled in there somewhere..

In northern UK the Asian community has had a strong working base there for nearly 75 years - they had integrated into all sorts of works and factories and the more enterprising among 'em knew if they could transfer the work out to Pakistan the profits were to be made - Big Time. And that is what they did - Fair Play to Them!

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