Terrified passengers cower on train after bomb explosion in southern Thailand

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This is the moment terrified passengers cowered on a train after a bomb exploded in southern Thailand.

Dramatic footage shows the incident in train number 986 after it was bombed and repeatedly shot by assailants between Pa Phai Station and Tanyong Mas Station in Narathiwat Province on August 28.

Train staff and ten officers were seen crouching behind the seats to avoid being hit by the bullets while the driver attempted to hoist the train into Tanyong Mas railway station which was about three kilometres away from the explosion site.

The train driver managed to park the train at the destination station safely and no train passengers were injured as bogie number 5 was bombed, but passengers were seated on bogie number 7.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan O-cha and the Defence minister issued an urgent order for security officials to expedite the tracking of the perpetrators and increase surveillance throughout the transportation route of rails and roads in the area.

Train 986 was the first train that the railway authorities have opened to receive agricultural products and transport parcels for people in three southern border provinces to reduce the cost of transportation starting on August 26 to October 1.

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