Cranston police release body cam videos from fatal shooting of Johnston homicide suspect

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Newly released body camera footage captures the tense scene that unfolded when police chased down the suspect in a Johnston double murder.

Cranston police officers fatally shot James Harrison, 52, during a standoff near the Cranston-Johnston line on May 24. In one video, the officer wearing the body camera points his gun at Harrison's damaged vehicle, shouting at him not to move. Harrison appears to exit the SUV, and when the officer yells to show his hands, Harrison points what appears to be a gun at the officer wearing the camera. Almost instantly, dozens of shots ring out.

-- Johnston triple shooting left 2 dead, teenager injured --
According to Johnston police, Harrison went on a killing spree after he was caught peering into his 15-year-old neighbor's window. He is suspected of murdering his , 83-year-old Janet Harrison, and his next door neighbor, 44-year-old Thomas "TJ" May, who had reported him to the police.

Harrison also shot and wounded the 15-year-old girl, whose injuries were not life-threatening, according to police. He then fled, leading officers on a chase down Plainfield Pike before crashing into a large rock.

The videos, released by Cranston police on Tuesday, show officers speeding to the scene of the crash, at times reaching 60 mph, then crouching behind cars and a utility box while training their guns on Harrison, who is standing behind his damaged vehicle. After Harrison collapses in a barrage of gunfire, officers rush forward to place him in handcuffs and check to see if he has a pulse.

The shooting is currently being investigated by the state police, as is standard practice for police incidents that involve the use of deadly force.

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