Grandmother wrestled to the ground, arrested by Bartlesville police when rushing granddaughter to ER

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A local grandmother's urgent rush to get her granddaughter medical attention ended in her arrest after she allegedly evaded police.
On Sunday, April 14, Misty Armitage, 53, said she was driving her 3-year-old granddaughter, who was "bleeding profusely from her nose" and "vomited blood," to the emergency room when Bartlesville Police Officer Reed Blackard pulled her over.

According to Blackard's affidavit, Armitage did not stop immediately, leading him to a brief pursuit for less than a mile.

After pulling over, Armitage explained that her only concern was to get her granddaughter to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Despite her pleas, Officer Blackard forcibly removed Armitage from her vehicle and wrestled her to the ground with help from another officer after Armitage allegedly rolled up her window and refused to comply with his commands.

The body cam footage begins with Officer Blackard and Officer Levi Johnson pinning Armitage to the ground, attempting to arrest her. Officer Blackard activated his body cam only after putting handcuffs on Armitage.

Capt. Daniel Elkins of the Bartlesville Police Department says it's police policy to activate the body cam when interacting with the public, but sometimes, this doesn't happen promptly.

"This is a newer officer; I'd venture to say it's probably his first pursuit. I've seen seasoned officers that know this town backward and forward, not knowing which way is east or west or the next street coming up in the moments of pursuits, just due to adrenaline," Elkins said. "Our policy does ask our officers to initiate recording their body cameras anytime we're out. However, on this one, it looks like that was done a little later than it should have been done, but it's probably chalked up more to adrenaline and experience."

Elkins says they are still looking for additional dash cam and body cam footage from other officers at the scene that might show what happened in the moments before the use of force.

Elkins recommends contacting 911 if anyone feels there is a medical emergency, where trained personnel can assess and provide aid.

Upon review of body cam footage, there is visible blood on the granddaughter's face, clothes, hands and car seat. One officer remarked the child needed to go to the hospital.

EMS treated the granddaughter for a nosebleed at the scene, and another family member took her to the hospital. Armitage says her granddaughter saw a family doctor and has recovered.

Armitage is charged with attempting to elude a police officer and resisting arrest.

"My only crime I'm guilty of is trying to get [my granddaughter] medical attention," said Armitage.

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