Pensioner, 66, cries after attending wedding only for husband to reveal surprise ceremony for her anniversary

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This is the heartwarming moment a 66-year-old woman was given a surprise wedding by her husband.

Elizabeth Arrey, 66, unknowingly arrived at the venue as a wedding guest when she saw her husband Arnold, 71, waiting by the door with a flower bouquet in Negros Occidental province, the Philippines on September 5.

The mother-of-three appeared confused at first but when the priest announced her as the bride, she realised what was happening and broke down into tears.

Friends and family then cheered for the couple who was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary while the old woman became emotional beside her husband.

Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law Brenda said: ‘We helped our father plan the surprise for their wedding anniversary. We did our best in planning the big event so that she would not notice that we were preparing.

‘We told her she was invited to a wedding by a friend of his youngest son and was chosen as their principal sponsor. We even made a fake invitation with her name on it to make it more convincing.’

‘Their relationship inspired us so much and the anniversary was a beautiful reminder to us to be happy for the past and future. I hope many will be inspired by them as well.’

The couple then renewed their wedding vows and celebrated the reception party with some of their close friends and relatives.

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