Body cam footage shows medics trying to save Jeremy Renner moments after snowplow accident

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In a recently shared body cam footage by Washoe County Sheriff's Office, the harrowing view of the medics trying to save a battered Jeremy Renner moments after the New Year’s Day snowplow accident can be seen.

In the video, the actor is surrounded by a team of medics fighting to save his life in the aftermath of the snowplow tragedy can be seen. The rescue effort was filmed on a police body camera when the gravely injured Marvel star lies on the ground, with five emergency responders working quickly to stabilize him. The bizarre scene is taking place just close to a large pool of blood where the plow ran over the actor.

The 'Rennervations’ star was crushed by the 14,300 lb snow plow, for which he suffered 30 broken bones. He was then quickly airlifted to the hospital in severe condition. While waiting for the chopper, medics appeared to have loaded him into an ambulance. We now know he had a collapsed lung, and a pierced liver, apart from having more than 30 shattered bones, Yet he survived the New Year's Day calamity in large part because of the first responders pictured in the video.

The police video also shows Jeremy's nephew describing the terrifying event, including how Renner climbed out of the snowplow cab to check on him. When the plow continued to roll. He was sucked under its tread while attempting to get back into the cab and prevent it from hitting his nephew. When his nephew explains Jeremy's gallantry at that moment, the officers on the scene are visibly stunned.

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