Bradford deputy honored for saving a mans life when he crashed into a tree after a medical emergency

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Unreleased body cam footage of Deputy Trinton Lovell responding to a traffic crash on Brownlee St in Starke FL on August 10th, 2022 and ultimately saving the victim’s life. We would like to warn viewers that although the injuries are obscured, some of the footage may be graphic.
The 61-year-old driver was suffering from a serious medical emergency, which caused the crash. He was close to losing consciousness in addition to suffering from a severe laceration to his arm which had cut an artery, and he was rapidly losing blood. Deputy Lovell rushed over and immediately applied a tourniquet and cared for the victim until Bradford County Fire Rescue arrived on the scene and transported him to a hospital. Division Chief Dylan Rodgers later wrote in a nomination letter for the National Police Hall of Fame Life Saving Award, "It's likely that this patient will live to see another day as a direct result of Deputy Lovell's actions."

Deputy Lovell was presented with the award on November 15th by Chief Deputy Colonel Brad Smith in front of the County Commission. The American Police Hall of Fame National Awards Program was started more than 40 years ago to fill the void with recognition for worthy American Law Enforcement Officers. Lovell joins several other law enforcement and civilian employees recognized by the Hall of Fame.

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