Elk Grove police release body cam footage of fatal confrontation with armed suspect

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Police body cam footage released Friday shows a fatal confrontation between Elk Grove Police Department and an armed carjacking suspect.

The incident occurred on February 21 at around 11:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express on West Stockton Boulevard in Elk Grove. Police were called to the hotel after 40-year-old Booker Pannell allegedly got into an argument with an employee and caused a disturbance.

When they arrived, Elk Grove police confronted Pannell in the hotel lobby, yelling at him to get on the ground. Pannell was non-compliant, they say, and officers attempted to use a Taser on him. However, Pannell allegedly began running through the hotel and brandished a handgun.

As Pannell waved the gun around, officers opened fire, shooting him twice. Pannell did not survive, and a gun was recovered from his person. An innocent bystander, who was entering the hotel, hit the ground but was unharmed.

Witnesses reported that Pannell had allegedly stolen his friend's vehicle and was displaying erratic behavior, possibly due to being under the influence.

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