Cops form human chain in desperate race to rescue woman from sinking car in flooded ford

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Body-cam footage shows the moment cops formed a human chain to save a woman trapped in her flooded car.

The woman had become stuck in her ford, which was almost completely submerged underwater near Drakes Broughton in Worcestershire.

Police received a 999 call on 25 April and within 20 minutes they were on the scene.

The cops bravely went into the water and smashed the driver's window.

The trapped woman was pulled through the window by the officers - who formed a human chain - just moments before the vehicle sunk underwater.

The driver can be heard in the video saying sorry, to which the officers respond: "Don't apologize, lovely, don't apologize."

Another said: "We'll get your stuff later, just watch your legs".

Fortunately, the woman was not injured during the terrifying incident.

West Mercia Police said she was rescued from the vehicle within 20 minutes of the 999 call.

Chief Inspector Brian Gibbs said: "Unfortunately, the woman found herself in difficulty in the ford, and we're really pleased officers were able to act so swiftly and rescue her before the vehicle sank too far under the water."

"This is however a stark reminder of how dangerous the water can be, and we would always urge motorists to take care and avoid driving through large pools of water."

A force spokesperson added: "Well done to all the officers involved for their quick lifesaving actions."

This follows an incident where a woman used Tinder to help her escape when her car became stuck.

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