2020 Letter I Write International law Commission About Hacker Stealing Affiliate Income Music sale

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To whom it may concern.

My is Michael Campbell I am wrong to tell you about online situation I am having trouble doing the right things flowing the rules. America has many organizations that run over the people I have experience almost everyday hacking on all my personal Online accounts from email social media all my website they have the power control of our internet connection that we are making payments every month we have on privacy at all the government forces created a group of justice in public that the people call home laws. Where I live 9924 farmers Blvd someone is going in and out my computer and phone my family used spectrum service our antivirus protection each of the software override computer system file interspersed.

I also do business online artists and producers all my website reprogram sale I make doesn't go into my account I don't know if they are collecting the money I make from my website, what I know they are interspersing the sale I make I pay $297 dollars to set up music streaming website they hack scripts and corrupt the file the site was online but no one can upload videos or music. I contact web providers they fix it hackers when back in the server sabotage it same thing for all my website database system when they do this website on that server malfunction. Each hosting account I have hackers tap into the DNS steel web databases You don't have to believe all you have to do is your research what I calculate from looking to the situation is they are working worldwide running their business in the public by steeling people ideas from their computer and killings them people like my self create music they organize Worldwide And work in every language on earth.

Many online shopping companies offer business for public to make little income name of that is Affiliate you advertise for them for little sale percent hacking group of people steeling affiliate links sale I don't know how they do it fact of that is they are doing it to everyone.

I have many accounts online that get hacked and closed more than one sometimes they delete the email of the product. i has more than online music and logo what I learn is they own them and Don't want me to have no evidence I run more than one website they hacker the server malfunction the website database system, one side of the American justice system breaking the constitution law heck rule unauthorized Access. Where I live farmers Blvd I used spectrum service for my internet I create tree website that was blocked from my personal laptop and iPhone I thought it was the server malfunction All it was violations of the CFAA.

The chart below provides select examples of violations of the CFAA and the penalties.

Penalties (Prison Sentence)

Obtaining National Security Information

10 years; 20 years maximum for a second conviction.

Accessing a Computer to Defraud and Obtain Value

5 years; 10 years maximum for a second conviction.

Accessing a Computer and Obtaining Information

1-5 years; 10 years maximum for a second conviction.1-10 years; 20 years maximum for a second conviction.

Intentionally Damaging by Knowing Transmission

1-10 years; 20 years maximum for a second conviction.

Extortion Involving Computers

5 years; 10 years maximum for a second conviction.

Trafficking in Passwords

1 year; 10 years maximum for a second conviction.

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