Body camera video released in fatal shooting of man who tried to carjack undercover LMPD officer

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Kentucky State Police have released officer body camera video of the fatal police shooting in the Portland neighbor earlier this month.

On June 19, Mark Jaggers Jr., 21, was shot and killed by an undercover officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department's Fugitive Unit.

Officer Matthew Hayden was conducting surveillance of a home for a separate case in an alley near Griffiths Avenue and North 22nd Street around 1:30 p.m.

The body camera footage shows Jaggers, who is wearing a mask, running up to the undercover officer and opening the driver's side door. He then points a handgun inside the car.

Hayden, a 10-year veteran with LMPD, immediately draws his gun and fires several shots at Jaggers, who then falls to the ground.

The video then shows Hayden waiting for backup to arrive, and officers begin performing CPR and other life-saving measures on Jaggers.

EMS eventually arrived on the scene and transported Jaggers to the University of Louisville Hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

"Based on bodycam footage, Mr. Jaggers was armed when he opened the driver's side door of the police vehicle, and when the bullets fired by Officer Hayden struck him," KSP Capitan Paul Blanton said.

KSP's investigation remains ongoing, and Blanton said no further information will be released until it is complete. It's unclear how long that could take.

Days after the shooting, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said Officer Hayden "acted appropriately, heroically, and bravely, and rapidly in response to someone trying to carjack his car while he was in the line of duty."

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