28   The almost paw-fect crime

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CCTV capture a large black bear is behind a series of car break-ins in New Hampshire, USA.
The wild animal was caught on home security cameras clambering into a pick-up truck, police say.
Police in the town of Thornton released a video showing the animal loitering by the parked vehicle, before standing up on its hind legs, using its paws to open the door, and then climbing nonchalantly into the driver's seat.
Officers said they suspect the bear is a serial offender.
Even without the incriminating footage, there were clues that pointed to the large furry miscreant - a bear print was discovered at the scene of one ransacking.
The bear remains at large, with local media saying it has not been causing trouble other than its penchant for rifling through cars.
Thornton police said they have notified New Hampshire Fish and Game, and appealed to the public not to leave out food or rubbish that might tempt the light-pawed thief.

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