Video shows suspect shooting at officers, being hit by unmarked police cars

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Video released by the St. Louis County Police Department Tuesday shows two unmarked police cars hitting a suspect who officers say fired shots at them.

Taiwansley Jackson, 42, is charged with shooting at police detectives after fleeing a traffic stop. He is charged in connection with a chase that happened in North County on February 21. The end of the incident was caught on surveillance camera.

Prosecutors allege Jackson fled from officers attempting to conduct a traffic stop near Jennings Station Road and Halls Ferry. Jackson fled police and weaved in and out of traffic, a press release said, then ran into light poles near McLaren and Goodfellow.

Jackson then jumped out of his vehicle, a 2016 Ford Explorer, and ran toward a nearby parking lot. Video shows him pointing a gun at officers as they got closer to him; police say he fired shots at detectives, but nobody was hit. Two unmarked police cars in the chase then hit Jackson,

Police said Jackson was taken to the hospital after his arrest for a non-life-threatening injury.

Jackson faces charges of assault, armed criminal action, resisting arrest by fleeing, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

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