NYPD officers fatally shoots armed man after a failed break-in

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NYPD officers shot and killed an armed suspect Thursday after a botched break-in at the Bronx home of his ex-girlfriend – who previously accused him of sexual assault, police sources said.

Yoskar Feliz, 27, was inside the woman’s apartment on Bronx Boulevard near East 224th Street around 1:30 p.m. — before he fired two shots, broke a window and fled from cops, who then shot him twice, NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey told reporters at the scene.

“The male ran into a bedroom, fired two shots, broke a window and fled out of the window,” Corey said, after pointing out that police had also used a Taser to try to sube Feliz.

Responding back-up officers then pursued Feliz into the street, across a park and to the Bronx River while demanding he drop his gun.

“It was at this point that the suspect turned toward the officers with the gun in his hand,” Corey said. “Three officers then discharged their department issued firearms at the suspect striking him in the torso and arm.”

Feliz then fled into the Bronx River. He was taken to Jacobi Hospital, where he later died, police said.

No officers were shot but they were taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. A 9mm pistol that was believed to be Feliz’s was recovered from the river.

Feliz was trying to break into his ex’s home who had accused him of and holding her hostage on Jan. 9 at the same location, sources said.

In the first incident, Feliz allegedly broke into the home at about 7 a.m., waking up his ex and declaring, “I am here to show you I changed. I am not the same person,” according to a criminal complaint against him.

The woman asked Feliz to leave, but he refused and forced her into a bedroom where he allegedly d and sexually assaulted her numerous times, the court documents said.

Felix was wielding a box cutter that day and allegedly threatened to kill the woman at least three times, the complaint said.

He also expressed an intent to end his own life ring the disturbing chain of events.

“I am going to kill myself,” he said, with the box-cutter placed to his throat.

“I want to die and I want to die next to you, holding your hand,” he also uttered, according to the court docs.

The victim was bruised and scratched up from the attacks.

Feliz was hit with , sexual abuse, burglary and other charges and freed on $50,000 bail.

A police source said Feliz was already out on bail from a robbery case when he committed that crime.

“He’s out on bail in the Bronx on two open felonies,” the source said.

Police tweeted out a warning telling drivers to avoid the area.

The violence came just hours after an officer was shot and wounded ring a drug raid on Staten Island.

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