Bodycam footage shows Hulk Hogan’s son performing a sobriety test after being pulled over

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Nick Hogan is back in the hot seat for yet another mistake behind the wheel.
Even his famous father, Hulk Hogan, who recently announced a wrestling comeback, couldn’t get his 33-year-old son out of trouble.

The elder Hogan is a wrestling icon and the creator of Hulkamania, which he started back in the 1980s. Just a few days ago, the superstar hinted at a possible comeback.

“But don’t forget the wildcard. You never know who is going to show up. You never know,” he said.

Yes, at 70, he’s still ready to rumble and ready to save his son, Nick Hogan, from himself.

Newly released bodycam video of a November traffic stop showed the younger Hogan being pulled over after speeding by a Clearwater officer.

“Hi, sir. How much have you had to drink tonight?” the officer asked.

“You almost ran me over,” said the officer. “That was me you almost ran over when you were driving right by me.”

The officer was conducting a separate traffic stop.

“Mind stepping out for me?” said the officer.

“Yeah, sure,” said Nick

The footage, which was redacted and edited, showed Nick speaking with the officer and getting a sobriety test as well.

“Nothing to drink tonight?” asked the officer.

“No, sir” said Nick.

“So it’s just, you said the passengers?” said the officer.

“Yea, just the passengers,” responded Nick.

“But I can smell it on your breath,” said the officer.

According to police, Nick was “performing poorly” on his sobriety test.

“I was just kissing my girlfriend,” he told the officer.

“That’s what you’re going to say? You were kissing your girlfriend, so that’s why you have alcohol on your breath?” asked the officer.

Moments after Nick was handcuffed, his dad arrived on the scene.

“How you guys doing?” asked Hulk Hogan.

“Good, sir, how are you?” replied the officer.

Nick’s famous father spoke to police about how his son would be processed.

“He’s impaired?” asked Hulk.

“He is currently in custody for [driving under the influence],” said the officer.

“DUI? Did he blow?” asked Hulk.

Hulk asked an officer if he could talk to his son.

“Did you say I could talk to him?” he asked.

“Yes,” said the officer.

“Oh, cool,” said Hulk.

But Papa Hulk’s appearance on the scene did not change anything. Nick was eventually arrested for DUI.

Nick was jailed back in 2007 for eight months for his involvement in a crash that left one of his friends, who was the passenger, with severe brain damage. They were reportedly drag racing.

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