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'Kruzenshtern' - 4-masted bark, Russian training sailing vessel. Built in 1925-1926 at the J. Tecklenborg shipyard in Gestemuende near Bremerhaven (Germany), during the descent it received the name 'Padua', in 1946 it passed on reparations in the ownership of the USSR and renamed in honor of the famous Russian navigator Admiral Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern. Port of registration of the vessel -
Kaliningrad. The vessel has made repeated transatlantic and round-the-world expeditions, participated in regattas.

Technical details:

Launching - June 23, 1926 under the name 'Padua', as the last 4-masted barque
series 'Flying-P-Liner'.
Shipyard - Johann C. Tecklenborg in Wesermünde (Bremerhaven)
Serial number - S.408
Shipping Company - F. Layesh, series 'Flying P-Liner'
Overall length - 114.5 m
Overall width - 14.04 m
Summer waterline draft - 6.27 m
Board height - 8.48 m
Sail area - 3400 m2
Mast height - 55 m above deck
Crew - 70 people
Number of cadets - 120 people
Main motor (quantity and power, brand) - 2 x 736 kW, 8NVD 48A-2U
Rowing device (quantity and type) - 2 x fixed pitch propeller,
one-piece, 4-blade
Steering device - rudder blade
Auxiliary diesel generator (quantity and brand) - 4 x MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
AG, D 2866 LXE 30, the power output is limited to 135 kW due to the peculiarities
exhaust system installed - 2 in 2005 and 2 in 2009.

More details, including a virtual tour, can be found on the website

The song 'Sails of 'Kruzenshtern' - text by Alexander Gorodnitsky, performed by Sergei and
Tatiana Nikitin.

Straightened pennants proudly, don't wait for me soon to be wife.
Again boil at the side of a steep wave Ambassador.
Under the North wind unfaithful, under the southern skies blue
Again the sails of the 'Kruzenshtern' rustle above my head.

And at home sometimes at night as soon as you open the window,
Again the wind sings me a tight canvas
Let seagulls blinding flash soar above me in the sky.
Boys, boys, boys, let them envy me forever.
And old age will recede probably, it has no power over me,
While the sails of 'Kruzenshtern' noise above my head.

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Jararaka (736.90)

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