Asheville police released body cam of a man who resisted officers, which gathered an angry crowd

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Police released body camera video on Thursday of the arrest of a man who resisted officers in an incident earlier this month while an angry crowd gathered.

Devon Lewis Rayshawn Whitmire, 27, was originally wanted after his called 911 on May 8 and said he was making violent threats, according to police.

An audio recording of that 911 call was also provided by police on the YouTube video.

The arrest incident happened May 13 when officers located him near a housing complex in the 310 block of Livingston Street, police said.

Video shows police questioning Whitmire in front of a parked car and trying to positively identify him.

Whitmire can be heard on the video identifying himself as Tevin Whitmire, his twin brother, who police said was also known to law enforcement.

Whitmire was wearing a sling on his arm, but can be seen on the video telling officers that his arm was not broken.

After officers positively identify him as Devon Whitmire, they attempted to take him into custody on an open warrant.

Whitmire can then be seen on the video stating: "Can y'all back up, so I can get my gun off me?"

At that point, officers move in on Whitmire.

Police say on the video commentary that they did so "to control Whitmire's hands to prevent him from reaching for a gun, he then assaulted an officer."

Police slow down the video to show Whitmire pushing a female officer in the chest.

The three officers attempt to take Whitmire into custody and proceed to force him to the ground while he continues to "vigorously" resist arrest, as officers described the struggle.

"Whitmire kicked and spat on the officers as they attempted to detain him and search for a weapon," police said.

Three officers struggle with Whitmire for more than five minutes before they finally are able to get him into a police vehicle.

During that time, a crowd can be heard on the video yelling at officers and telling them to stop, among other things.

Despite Whitmire's claim to have a gun, no gun was found, police said,

"It is unclear why he claimed to have a gun," police said in the video commentary.

One Asheville police officer was taken to the hospital, treated for injuries and released the same day, police said. They did not release the exact injuries suffered by the officer.

The Asheville Police Department determined after a review of the arrest that the officers' actions were reasonable and necessary, police said.

The Buncombe County District Attorney's Office also confirmed the findings of the police review and said there was no excessive force by officers.

According to police, Whitmire had been arrested 24 times in Buncombe County before his arrest on May 13.

Previous charges include robbery with a dangerous weapon, assault on government officials, assault on emergency personnel, assault by pointing a gun, assault on a female, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault inflicting serious bodily injury, police said.

Whitmire was charged with two counts of assault on a government official inflicting serious injury, three counts of assault on a government official, three counts of malicious conduct of a prisoner, and resisting, delaying or obstructing arrest, according to Booth.

Whitmire was booked into the Buncombe County Detention Facility on an $85,000 secured bond, according to the sheriff's office website.

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