Hilarious moment dad and daughter fall into sea after slipping while trying to avoid crashing waves

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Hilarious footage has captured the moment a father and daughter slipped over into the sea trying to avoid crashing waves – getting absolutely soaked in the process.

Adam Morgan, 32, was playing on the beach with his 11-year-old daughter Lacey when things took an unexpected turn.

The duo was holidaying with the delivery man's partner, Katie, and his mother Angie in Porthcawl in November 2020, staying at a local caravan park.

During their trip, the family from Abertillery, South Wales, visited the beach for a glimpse of the stunning seafront.

But the innocent trip took a funny turn when, ignoring the stormy weather, Lacey and Adam began playing on the steps near the water.

In the video, which was filmed by Adam’s partner Katie and was shared on social media last weekend, Lacey can be seen getting daringly close to the waves before running away.

Adam then joins her, grasping hold of her hand as they dart away in the nick of time as the waves crash around them.

As a huge wave approaches, they attempt to scramble away – but poor Lacey slips on the steps, bringing her dad crashing down with her.

The wave engulfs them as they lie helplessly in the water, soaked from head to toe.

Eventually, Adam gets up and helps Lacey to her feet while his partner can be heard saying “oh my god" in the background.

The two walked away unscathed and able to see the funny side but are no doubt unlikely to tempt fate again.

“My daughter and I were looking for crabs and things in the rock pools on the beach,” Adam said.

“The weather wasn’t very nice at all but Lacey wanted to run up the steps away from the sea, sort of teasing it.

“She wanted to cry at first but she looked at me and started laughing.

“We were both in a lot of shock and absolutely freezing – we had to strip off in the car and go back to the caravan site and dry our clothes as we only went down for one night and didn’t take any spare.”

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