Bodycam Shows Douglas County Deputy Saving Dog From Burning Car

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Douglas County, Colorado — Bodycam video from a sheriff's deputy caught his rescue of a pet dog from a burning vehicle in Colorado. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office released the video of the tense moment, which took place on January 22, 2022. Deputy Michael Gregorek is shown pulling up to a distressed man and an SUV with smoke billowing from it. The man screamed that his dog was trapped inside the fiery vehicle. Without hesitation, Deputy Gregorek whipped out his retractable baton and smashed a passenger window and the back window. Seconds later the dog, named Hank, comes up to the back window and the owner tries to pull him out but is overwhelmed by the black smoke pouring out of the car. He yells “Omigod!” and moves away. Gregorek then reaches in and with much effort pulls Hank free. He runs over to a patch of snow with Hank in his arms and drops Hank in it as he proceeds to cough intensely from the smoke he has just breathed in. A veterinarian who lives in the neighborhood checked the dog out, and Hank appeared uninjured. It didn’t take long for him to be running around in the snow again.

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