Deputies, Citizens Rescue Driver From Burning Car Following Crash on SR100

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Around 3 AM on Sunday, February 12, 2023, FCSO deputies and Flagler County Fire Rescue responded to a vehicle crash with injuries in front of Tom Gibbs Chevrolet on State Road 100 East in Palm Coast. Upon arrival, deputies located a severely damaged gray sedan that had crashed into the rear of a semi-truck. The sedan had caught fire from the impact.

One person was located entrapped in the driver’s seat, and the passenger was found laying on the road outside the vehicle. FCSO Corporal Barnett utilized his agency-issued fire extinguisher in an attempt to reduce the flames that had begun to billow out of the hood of the sedan. FCSO Deputy Pierre and citizens assisted in gaining access to the driver and later removed him from the vehicle.

Soon after the rescue occurred, FCFR arrived at the scene to extinguish the flames and take over the treatment of the patients. Both occupants were transported to a local hospital. Investigation into the crash is being handled by the Florida Highway Patrol.

“I commend our deputies and the citizens that assisted and likely saved the driver’s life,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “Working as a team and using a fire extinguisher to slow the spread of the fire and forcing the door open, they were able to gain access to the driver before the vehicle was engulfed in flames.”

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