Body-cam video released in case where woman claims Fayetteville officers assaulted Ja'Lana Dunlap

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0:00 - Cellphone video
0:59 - Body cam 1
11:40 - Body cam 2
30:26 - Body cam 3
Fayetteville Police released body-cam videos on Tuesday afternoon from an incident where officers are accused of assaulting a woman.

Four video clips were released. They show various angles of Ja'Lana Dunlap's confrontation with officers on Sept. 6.

In the videos, the officers ask her repeatedly to identify herself. And then they ask her to exit the vehicle.

She does get out, and that's when officers put her against the car.

Dunlap's attorneys say the officers dragged her out of the vehicle and slammed her against it and handcuffed her. However, the body-cam footage shows her getting out of the car on her own.

In the videos, Dunlap can be seen struggling and screaming for help.

Her attorneys have filed a lawsuit against Fayetteville Police seeking $75,000 in damages.

They say Dunlap was on the property taking photos to doent illegal dumping.

Police say she was in a vacant lot about a half mile from where a potentially violent suspect ran away from police into a wooded area in the neighbor near Thorndike Drive.

When they determined she wasn't the suspect they were looking for, officers released her.

Fayetteville Police said the internal investigation initiated by Dunlap's complaint remains ongoing.

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