Police arrest man who was shot at by officers outside a Little Caesars

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Chandler police arrested the man officers shot at after he allegedly pulled a gun on them near a Little Caesars Pizza on Arizona Avenue last week. Police say the man, Raymond Harding, 27, was taken into custody Monday night.

Investigators say the trouble started around 7 p.m. when Harding reportedly got into an argument with employees at the restaurant. Court paperwork revealed that a customer inside the restaurant left to get into his car with his son when Harding reportedly got into an argument with him. Harding asked if he “wanted some of this” while lifting his shirt and showing a gun. The customer felt threatened and called the police. Two officers showed up in the parking lot to try and talk to Harding, who denied having a gun. Investigators said at that point, he ran from officers, pulled the gun from his waistband, and ran toward more officers. Those officers opened fire, but Harding ran off. Detectives then began work to identify and later locate Harding.

Investigators later learned that Harding was riding as a passenger in a red Mercedes-Benz SUV left in the parking lot. Police detained the driver, who has not yet been identified, who claimed he did not know who Harding was. Police seized the SUV as evidence where they found Harding’s fingerprints. Investigators also used body camera video, surveillance footage, and an earlier purchase at a nearby store where he gave his name as “Raymond” to identify Harding. During the search, officers found a silver and black handgun in the backyard that Harding reportedly jumped into after the shooting. Harding was not injured, and no officers were hurt.

Detectives said Harding “indirectly” admitted to being at the Little Caesar’s and said he wanted to remain silent.

Court documents also reveal that Harding is listed as a convicted felon and is not allowed to own or own a firearm. He also had an active warrant in Pinal County for aggravated assault and domestic violence involving a gun. Harding faces two counts of aggravated assault, a weapons charge, and disorderly conduct.

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