DPS chase ends in bailout; youngest runner was 2-year-old migrant

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A recent Texas Department of Public Safety high-speed chase in Hidalgo County ended in a bailout, with the youngest runner being a 2-year-old migrant, according to state law enforcement.

On Jan. 27, troopers were led on a high-speed chase that began on US 83 in Hidalgo County and ended on a dirt road in the brush.

A video uploaded Tuesday on social media by Lt. Christopher Olivarez, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, shows parts of the chase. In the video, the driver is seen losing control of the vehicle multiple times due to the wet roadway and driving at speeds of 90 mph, according to Olivarez.

The driver is seen on the wrong side of the road and making dangerous maneuvers to avoid law enforcement.

Once on the dirt roads, the vehicle struggled to regain speed due to the bumpy conditions. The video shows the driver attempting to have passengers bail out near a business before driving into the brush and exiting the vehicle.

According to DPS, the driver was found hiding in the brush along with four migrants, including a 2-year-old from El Salvador.

The driver was charged with evading arrest and human smuggling.

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