Bodycam shows K9 track down burglary suspect in Dobbies Garden Centre

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A terrified burglar was cornered by a police dog after he broke into a garden center at night.

Ricky Homer, 36, was caught on a police body cam cowering in the corner of kids' soft play area after being hunted down by police dog Vinnie.

The German Shepherd dog is seen jumping on the frightened burglar as its female handler orders him to "stand still."

Police had been alerted after Homer broke into Dobbies Garden Centre in Wyton, Cambs, last October.

He had been caught on CCTV taking charity tins from the tills and filling trolleys with goods from the shop.

Homer, was arrested after he was chased into the soft play area.

At Cambridge Crown Court on Friday (January 12), Homer was sentenced to a year in prison after previously pleading guilty to burglary and possession of a class B drug.

Detective Constable Neil Patrick, who investigated, said: “Homer is an opportunist burglar with a number of crimes under his belt.

"Thanks to the partnership working of the alarm company and CCTV operators, the officers at the scene and Police Dog Vinnie, Homer was swiftly arrested and is now behind bars."

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