Atlanta officers arrest wanted armed suspect after having a foot chase with him

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On 8-11-2022, Atlanta Police Officers located 29-year-old Howard Adkins who had an outstanding Domestic Violence warrant for his arrest. Before approaching Mr. Adkins, officers observed he was armed with a handgun. Multiple officers responded to the area and an officer attempted to approach him.

Upon seeing police, Adkins fled on foot. Officers pursued him through an apartment complex and observed him pull the handgun and toss it as they ran.

Officers apprehended him a short distance away from where he dropped the handgun. The handgun was recovered, and officers located narcotics in the bag Mr. Adkins was carrying. In addition to his warrant, Adkins was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, obstruction and felony narcotics charges. He was taken the Fulton County Jail.

Each day APD officers show profound restraint and professionalism dealing with very challenging and dangerous individuals. These almost daily arrests never make the news cycle. This officer never lost focus as he pursued this armed suspect. He stayed with the pursuit until the suspect was caught and placed into custody.

Because of his actions, this wanted individual is behind bars and there is one less gun in the hands of the wrong person. The city is safer with APD on patrol. Job well done to all involved in safely arresting this individual without incident.

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