In depth exploration of a disued nuclear power station

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Weekend Cinema - a Matinee Classic adventure!

Briefly, this is a You Tube embed (although) I didn't know how to embed it on the new platform (as you could on the former LL).

Anyway, these two urban explorers have an amazing channel over on YT detailing their worldwide explorations of things industrial, old, unused and decayed. Most of them are of old power stations, massive factories, car plants and steelworks....

This one is an unused nuclear power station...as it was just near completion it was decided not to switch it on for various political and other social reasons. I saw a vid of theirs where someone asked them how they chose their name 'The Proper People' and they told of one of their first explores where a large official sign said 'Keep Out' and only 'The Proper People' were allowed on the premises....their moniker was thus born. This is a 40+ minute explore of a ginormous empty nuclear power station...it is next door to a Gas powered plant which is still operating hence the power being on etc.

If you like Sub Urban Exploration of the highest calibre you won't get much better than this vid. (imho).

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Credit: The Proper People Credit Link: You Tube
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