Indonesian football team complains after player hit by cop in stadium brawl

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A football match in Indonesia ended in chaos, and claims a cop hit an away-side player, when on-pitch fights led to stadium brawls and police intervention.

The away team have made a formal complaint against a Civil Service Police officer for allegedly hitting a player during the match-day melee on Thursday 11 November.

Footage of the West Sumatra League 3 match between PSKB Bukittinggi and PS Pasbar at the Atas Ngarai Stadium, showed there was no shortage of on-field tension. The game was stopped several times because of fouls and physical altercations.

The trouble on the pitch prompted security officers to intervene, sparking further commotion, which came to a climax when the referee sounded the final whistle. At that point, several players and officials from away-side PS Pasbar were were involved in scuffles with home team supporters, including security officers. One player was said to have been hit by a cop.

A member of the West Pasaman Regency People's Representative Council, Ali Nasir who accompanied the PS Pasbar team, expressed his disappointment and asked the authorities to investigate the beating suffered by a player.

"Losing or winning in a match is normal. Even fuss is common in football matches. But what we regret is that the Civil Service Police officers beat players. We will complain and investigate thoroughly," Ali Nasir said.

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