Surveillance video show Phoenix officer shooting at armed man inside Walmart

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Video shows an officer shooting at an armed suspect in the middle of a packed Walmart in Phoenix last month. The video released on Friday shows 35-year-old David Apana walking into the store near 35th Avenue and Southern Road. However, investigators say Apana began stealing items inside and tried to leave when he was approached by a loss prevention employee.

Surveillance shows Apana walking toward the doors when the employee tries to stop him from leaving. Apana tries to dodge the employee, and the employee tries to grab the items Apana stole. The two men are mere feet away from a customer when Apana pulls out a gun from his waistband. He then points it at the employee as customers begin to scatter, trying to get away. A Phoenix officer near the front doors then shoots at Apana but misses. Apana then runs into the middle of the store. Customers begin sprinting out of the store as the officer goes to find Apana.

After the shooting, Apana is spotted leaving the store still holding the gun, and runs off into a nearby neighborhood. He was later found and taken into custody. Officers later found out he wasn’t hit by the gunfire. The officer involved in the shooting is with the South Mountain Precinct and has been with the department for six years.

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