118   Highway cameras show driver plunge off overpass (includes body cam footage of the aftermath)

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Newly released videos show how lucky a Wisconsin woman is to be alive after her car plunged off a highway overpass back in February.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation cameras captured the accident and bodycamera video showed deputies arriving to the scene.

The car was severely damaged, but the driver was conscious.

The driver could not answer how she got there, but said that she was “really bad with directions.”

“I put everything in my phone and I follow the directions,” she said.

According to the report, the driver called her boyfriend instead of 911 and waited more than an hour and a half before a passerby noticed the car and called it in.

“All I saw was a car off to my left there and in like, pieces, and I just wanted to make sure it was someone that had already been taken care of,” the 911 caller said.

As paramedics treated the driver, deputies tried to figure out how she got there.

The driver suffered only minor injuries, but was charged with drunken driving and will be due back in court next week.

She says that she is not pleading guilty.

Credit: KFYR-TV

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