Careless truck driver gets stuck under low bridge in Thailand

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A bungling truck driver was found stuck under a bridge after blindly following his GPS device for directions.

The pickup truck was on its way to deliver four tonnes of durian fruit when the driver became lost along an unfamiliar road in Chonburi province, Thailand on July 27.

Confused driver Wanwisa Taewkratok, 32, focused her attention on the digital maps and failed to notice that her vehicle would not fit under the low-lying bridge ahead.

The vehicle was then squeezed under the bridge while the truck’s front wheel lifted off the ground before she rushed to call other motorists for help.

Another delivery truck driver Udomwet Ninkhao, 36, passed by the area and helped Wanwisa by trying a rope to the stuck pickup truck before towing out the vehicle.

He said: ‘It’s difficult to make money these days and if she calls a forklift to tow her car she will have to pay for it. We work in the same field so I thought I should help.

After almost half an hour, the durian delivery truck was successfully dragged out from under the bridge without serious damage aside from a few scratches.

Wanwisa was also given the right direction by the other driver and was able to deliver the durians to a market in Rayong province.

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