Three Good Samaritans Helped Bring Back to Life a Man Who Was Found Unconscious in Coral Springs

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“He’s not breathing. No pulse,” said a woman to a Coral Springs police officer who had just responded to a 911 call that a man was on a sidewalk and not breathing.

That woman, who identified herself as a nurse, and two other men ended up helping to bring the man back to life in Coral Springs.

The three people each did their share in spotting the man in his SUV, breaking the SUV’s window, pulling him out, and starting life-saving CPR.

For their efforts, Coral Springs Police Chief Brad McKeone awarded them with certificates and challenge coins.

Coral Springs police released Tuesday, on social media, a video and message detailing the life-saving incident that took place on Sept. 3 and photos of the ceremony.

The video was provided by a body-cam on the officer who was at the scene.

According to the social media post, the man who survived visited the police department later to thank police and paramedics for saving him.

The names of the man and the three people who saved him were not released by police.

In the video, the woman who identified herself as a nurse is seen giving the unconscious man CPR.

Then, the officer takes over.

Later, as seen in the video, the officer tells one of the Good Samaritans: “You guys did the right thing. Awesome. I wish there were more people, you know, (who) cared.”

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