Bodycam shows suspect shooting a Pima County deputy in the leg, leading to a shootout outside a home

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A shocking body cam shows an armed suspect shooting a Pima County deputy in the leg, leading to a shootout outside a home several months ago. On Jan. 22, just before 5:30 p.m., Pima County deputies received several 911 calls about 43-year-old Ricardo Castro shooting in a neighborhood near Camino Verde and Los Reales roads, just south of Valencia Road. Castro then sped off in a black pickup truck, investigators said.

Three hours later, deputies were called to a hit-and-run near Valencia Road and Camino Verde involving Castro’s pickup truck. Witnesses reported that the truck had a damaged tire and was driving on a rim, which sparked a brush fire, investigators said. They were able to direct deputies to the neighborhood Castro was first spotted in.

Body-cam shows two deputies arriving at the home, and Castro immediately shoots at one deputy from the garage, hitting him in the leg. The deputy falls to the ground and crawls behind a car to take cover. The second deputy runs over to his partner. “Clear the air. Suspect’s down,” the second deputy says. “You good, dog?” he asks the injured deputy. “No, he hit my leg,” he said. “Right leg.” The injured deputy then says to keep eyes on Castro, who’s still in the garage. “I’m hit,” the injured deputy radios. “Hit in the leg. Suspect is still conscious. He’s in a doorway,” the second deputy radios. “I don’t know where he is hit, but he’s hit.”

Castro is heard yelling and screaming from the garage. The second deputy then goes toward the house, yelling at Castro. “Stay down!” he yells as he fires one shot, hitting Castro. “Stay there! Show me your hands! Keep them up! Keep your hands up!” “They are,” Castro replies. “You’re already shot. If you move, I will shoot you again. Do you understand?” the deputy yells. “I’m right here. I need help,” Castro yells. “Yeah? Well, you already shot at me, so I’m not moving up yet,” the deputy says. “Help me, help me,” Castro says. “I will as soon as somebody else gets here,” the deputy replies. The deputy then radios that Castro is conscious and talking to him with his hands up, but he can’t see the gun. Body-cam shows more deputies arriving as the video fades to black.

Castro was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Investigators say after he’s released, he’ll be booked for attempted first-degree murder, and additional charges may be added at the end of the investigation. The wounded deputy was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is currently recovering and in stable condition.

The deputy who shot Castro is a six-year veteran of the department.

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