Westminster Police fatally shoots Alysha Duran when she grabbed a gun as an officer was talking to her

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The Westminster Police Department (WPD) released body camera footage on Friday from a deadly shooting involving officers in July.

Police said at around 4:40 p.m. on July 25, an officer on patrol noticed an SUV parked and facing the wrong direction on 88th Avenue at Lamar Drive.

The video shows the officer trying to talk to the woman, who did not roll down her window at first. When she did, she didn't answer any questions.

The officer asked the woman if she was OK and if she needed an ambulance. He also asked her if she had been drinking, but remarked that it did not appear as if she had been. The officer then appeared to see something inside the car, and he repeatedly yelled, "What do you got in there?" as she grabbed a gun.

The officer then fired his weapon and killed the woman after trying to grab her arm. She has been identified as 46-year-old Alysha Duran.

Another car was caught in the shooting — one of the bullets hit that Jeep's windshield. The officer who fired talked to the driver and was clearly emotional as he apologized.

That other driver was not hurt. The officer was also not injured.

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