12-year-old boy taken into custody, accused of joyriding through Lebanon

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A 12-year-old boy was taken into custody Thursday after he ran from police on an off-road vehicle.

News 2 obtained dash camera video from Lebanon Police showing the pursuit.

Police were alerted that the boy had run away from a home in Murfreesboro and was off joyriding with his family’s UTV.

The boy made his way into Wilson County, so Wilson County deputies tried to stop the vehicle, but the child continued in a reckless manner, according to Lebanon police.

Officers soon located the vehicle and boy as he was driving through the streets of Lebanon.

Lebanon police said he ran multiple stop signs and was constantly leaving his lane of travel.

Officers followed the vehicle at a distance with unmarked vehicles and without activating lights or sirens, in order to observe and formulate a plan to safely stop the vehicle, police said.

As shown on the dash camera video, when traffic slowed in front of a red light, officers were able to box in the vehicle and yanked the boy out of the UTV without any further incident.

Police have not yet said if the boy will face any charges.

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