St. Ann police officer shot a man who pointed a gun in his direction inside an apartment

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The North County Police Cooperative video shows the body camera footage of the 49-year-old police officer who shot a man who pointed a gun at him inside a St. Ann apartment. The man who the officer shot, 22-year-old Davion Swinson, was charged with attempted assault of a police officer back in March.

According to the video, a woman at an apartment on the 4100 block of Parc Chalet Drive called 911 hoping to get an ambulance to take Swinson to the hospital due to stomach pain and dizziness. Police officers were dispatched to the address along with EMS because police had been called to the address seven times in the last 60 days, and a person at the address was known to be violent and armed.

In the video, Martin said EMS workers and police officers waited outside the apartment for a few minutes while they could hear someone inside groaning and vomiting. The woman who called police said she wanted Swinson to get dressed before he got into an ambulance.

After waiting a few more minutes inside the living room of the apartment, a paramedic started talking to him through the bathroom door. Eventually, Swinson and the woman who called 911 refused to be taken to the hospital, so EMS workers started leaving. That's when Swinson came out of the bathroom, said he was going to get something, and ran into a nearby bedroom.

While waiting for Swinson to come out of the bedroom, the officer asked the woman if they were new to the neighborhood before shouting, "We don't f*** around here, you got that s***?"

The woman then asked the officer to leave.

As the officer was backing out of the hallway, he drew his gun, and Swinson came out of the bedroom with a handgun equipped with a laser light. Swinson pointed the gun in the direction of the officer while the woman was standing between them. The officer fired one shot, which ricocheted off a wall and struck Swinson in the arm.

The officer who fired the shot and a second officer who responded to the call then started shouting commands at Swinson while the woman pleaded for them to leave the apartment. Swinson was shot in the arm and eventually surrendered to officers.

He was taken into custody after being tended to by EMS workers.

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