It's not just you, DJs really are getting younger! Meet the 4-year-old music sensation

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Clubbers of a certain age are familiar with the nagging feeling that DJs are always getting younger.

Of course, the problem is usually that the ageing clubber is going the other way, but in one case at least it really is that the music selector is younger. A lot younger.

Archie Norbury is four-year-old music sensation, performing in nightclubs around the globe, attending popular UK music festivals and even appearing live on British breakfast TV show This Morning.

DJ Archie, as he is known, achieved the record for youngest club DJ at the age of 4 years and 130 days.

To break this Guinness World Records title, Archie had to play a music set unattended for a full hour to an audience of at least 20 people. To attempt the record and make it official, he took his talents to Hong Kong nightclub 'Bungalow', entertaining the enthusiastic crowd with an hour of classic house dance music.

The previous record holder known under a similar name 'DJ Arch Junior' claimed the title when he was 5 years and 38 days old back in 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

New record holder Archie was originally born in Dubai but recently moved with his family to Hong Kong. The talented toddler was DJing from the age of two, first discovering his talent after watching his DJ dad John Norbury practice on his own decks in their home.

Since then the young DJ has made a big impression in the music industry, playing at festivals including Boomtown in Hampshire and Clockenflag in Hong Kong, as well as performing with the famous jungle duo, the Ragga Twins.

His biggest performance to date was at the Raver Tots Festival in Essex, where 7,000 people attended.

DJ Archie is enjoying developing his skills and is always learning new tricks from his DJ dad, with nearly 20,000 followers on his Instagram page already, he is one to watch.

Speaking to the four-year-old, he says his favourite thing about being a DJ is the songs.

You're more likely to catch DJ Archie listening to his favourite drum and bass, house and garage music than singing a nursery rhyme like most kids his age!

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