Weekend Cinema - the building of Berkeley Power Station

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Now then, from the off I'll be brutally frank with you 'If you are a TukTuk Merchant' this is of no use to you whatsoever and you should depart here - this isn't for you - sorry 'bout dat...
It will even be a task on regular WC patrons and only half of those will probably have the rectitude to withstand the whole caboodle but for those who do they'll be rewarded with a film from the early 60's singing the delights of nuclear power...indeed, it was around this time the slogan 'Electricity will be too cheap to meter' and the race was on for nuclear plants across the country. This one 'Berkley Power Station' in Gloucestershire was built by John Laing Construction and Balfour Beatty - both of whom were learning on the job....John Laing built and developed Birmingham's Bull Ring Centre and Balfour Beatty are now in the Housing end of construction industry installing new kitchens and bathrooms in council led contracts . country-wide...
So, this film is narrated by Mr BBC Science man of the period... and tells the tale of the construction. (of the day) up to turning it on.

This is aimed at fellow Rivet Counters, the cognoscenti and other CD's (Curious Droids)

NOTE: It is of no practical use other than being interesting - if you like that sort of stuff

'You Know The Thing.

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