Fresno police release footage of deadly shooting involving 27-year-old man

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Bodycam footage of Fresno police fatally shooting a 27-year-old man in May has been released.

The incident started when Austin Flores had gone to his family's home on Crystal Avenue near Shields. He was violating a restraining order against him and officers were called to the scene.

Before police arrived, Flores' mother told 911 operators that he had a gun and that he said he was ready if police came.

Video shows Flores sitting in a car in the backyard. When he noticed officers, he started getting out of the car.

More officers moved to another part of the home to prevent Flores from going inside.

Flores eventually got out of the car and ran towards one of the officers, while pointing what appeared to be a gun.

That is when the officers opened fire, hitting Flores multiple times. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

Officers later determined that Flores was holding a replica gun.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

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