Hilarious moment dog left bemused when owner jokingly mimics her panting

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A dog has become a viral superstar after a video of her hilarious reaction to her owner mimicking her panting was shared on TikTok.

In the clip, Sylwia Michalska, 28, from Poland, can be seen with her Serbian Rottweiler, Sannem, who is panting excitedly.

She then proceeds to imitate what her dog is doing by sticking out her tongue while breathing heavily – visibly leaving the pooch confused.

The video, which was originally filmed on 28 March, has so far racked up over 46 million views.

Michalska, a warehouse worker in the Netherlands, said: “It was the morning and I was spending time with the dogs.

"I was playing, she was lying on the sofa and watching the birds outside, so I decided to take the phone and record it.

“At the beginning, when I saw the video, I didn't pay much attention to it.

"It was only when I showed the clip to my fiancé Adrian, he said 'Sylwia it will be a hit. You need to share this video online.'

“On day one, the video was watched eight million times. At the moment, it has 46 million views and over seven million likes.”

The dog lover travelled 2,000 kilometres to Serbia to collect Sannem when she was just a puppy and the pair instantly bonded.

“As soon as I took her in my hands, she cuddled up to me in my arms,” said Sylwia, who also owns two other Serbian Rottweilers.

“I knew she would stay with me.

"Sannem is a female so she is the most loyal dog that I've ever had.

“She is not 100 percent healthy – she has been ill since childhood – but I am glad I chose her.

"Probably [because] if she had stayed there, she would have been put to sleep."

Michalska set up her TikTok account a year ago, in a bid to show people that Rottweilers are not as aggressive as some people describe them to be.

She said: “Sannem has an exceptional face and character.

“She needs a lot of love and warmth. Whenever I go, she follows me, when I go to sleep she has her pillow, which she lies on next to me.

"She is a wonderful dog.

"Rottweilers are very loving and family dogs if they are well-trained.

“I didn't expect people to like this video so much.

"When the likes started, I couldn't believe it and for a few hours, I continuously refreshed TikTok, looking to see if it was really true.

“The reaction was the best I saw in her, I am glad that I was able to capture this moment with my phone.”

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