Manchester police officer shoots domestic dispute suspect when advancing towards her with a knife

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A shooting by a Manchester police officer that injured a man on Sunday evening is under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General.

The Inspector General announced the use-of-force investigation on Tuesday.

According to police, Manchester police Officer Haylee Ouellette responded to a home in the area of North Main Street around 6:39 p.m. for a report of a domestic disturbance.

When she arrived at the home, Ouellette was confronted by Joseph Diloreto, who police said was holding a knife and became belligerent toward the officer.

Police said Diloreto advanced at Ouellette, who can be seen in body camera footage putting her hand out to stop him. Diloreto is seen slapping the officer’s hand away and yelling, “Shoot me.”

In the video, Ouelette is then seen using her stun gun to “neutralize” Diloreto, but failed, police said.

According to officials, Ouelette moved outside of the home to a nearby courtyard while repeatedly telling Diloreto to drop the knife. Diloreto disregarded her commands and continued to move toward the officer.

He can be heard in the body camera footage yelling “Hit me, hit me, hit me.”

As he continued to advance toward her, Ouellette fired her handgun multiple times, striking Diloreto in the upper left thigh. He fell to the ground and Ouellette was able to get the knife and handcuff him.

Manchester Fire EMA treated Diloreto at the scene before he was taken to Hartford Hospital for further treatment.

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