Baby buffalo stuck in muddy pipe rescued in Thailand

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A baby buffalo was rescued after it fell under an empty septic tank pipe in Thailand.

The hapless one-month-old male calf was feeding on grass when it slipped into the cylinder behind its owner’s house in Chonburi province.

It was discovered half an hour later when farmer Songkhram Inphum, 54, heard the animal making strange sounds so he called the rescue team for help.

As they tried to pull the creature out, its angry mother thought they were trying to harm her baby so the farmer had to chase the adult buffalo away first before continuing to save the calf.

Farmer Songkhram said: ’This calf was curious and would wander around vacant lots to eat away from its mother.

‘I didn’t know that the hole was left uncovered so I thought it was safely eating grass but then I heard it crying so I checked behind the house.’

After the mother buffalo left, the farmer cut a PVC pipe poking across the septic where the calf’s leg was caught so they could easily pull it out.

The animal was freed after almost an hour. It was unhurt and given food and water before it was reunited with its mother.

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