Weekend Cinema - Applying The Brakes

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More Dirt Floor Engineering from The Stan.

Now then, totally unorthodox methods in comparison to western standards but outthatway western standards don't mean diddly squat - as useful as a Bud Light aficionado at a whore house....anyway, if Ford or Volvo (or any other large volume car maker) can get an acceptable end product at a third of the cost do you think they'd say 'No, they ain't wearing safety glasses and boots so we'll pay three times more to a western outfit were they do wear 'em and don't sound like chipmunks..' Things are rapidly changing...practices that were once the preserve of western manufacturers are now being done in Dirt Floor machine shops like this... you have to admire 'em for their work ethic which is second to none. British workers of today couldn't get this together - especially if there wasn't an applicable app
to make it easier!
Imagine putting in a day breaking up old aluminium engine blocks and the like - ball breaking labour indeed.

Note: New Caveats Apply - Available on Homepage. 'You Know The Thing'.

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