Volusia Deputy Cusimano jumps into action solo after hearing a gunshot while at a disturbance call

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A Volusia County deputy jumped into action while responding to a “domestic disturbance” back in September, according to the sheriff’s office on Tuesday.

Deputies said that on Sept. 14, they received a call about the disturbance at a property along Samsula Drive, prompting Deputy Cusimano to investigate.

However, after hearing a gunshot, Cusimano raced to the scene “without hesitation,” the sheriff’s office announced.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office released body-camera footage from the incident that shows what happened.

As Cusimano moved closer to the home, he found a man near the porch who surrendered after being challenged by the deputy.

“Whatever you do: don’t move,” Cusimano can be heard saying. “If you try to reach for anything or make any sudden movements, I’ll take that as a threat, and you could be shot.”

A revolver was recovered from the porch, deputies said. Backup deputies arrived to help take the man into custody.

According to investigators, the man had caused several bruises on the victim and pointed a revolver in her face during an argument. He faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, domestic battery, and use of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

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