Serial bank robber arrested after chase in Rockdale County ends in crash

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On Tuesday afternoon, the DeKalb County Police Department received an alert about a stolen vehicle out of North Carolina. Once officers caught up to the vehicle, a pursuit was initiated that ended up on I-20 east heading towards Rockdale County.

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office said their dispatch was eventually alerted and dispatched deputies to the area to take over the pursuit at the county line.

On Wednesday, the sheriff's office released dash cam video from the last three minutes of that pursuit along an access road next to I-20. It shows a deputy, who the sheriff's office said had just clocked in for his shift, turn around on the driver who was speeding down Iris Drive.

The deputy can be heard calling in the pursuit along with a deputy who was behind him who was calling in the roads and speed to the dispatch. Other deputies can be heard clearing intersections ahead to keep the public safe during this pursuit.

During the video, the deputy is also heard calling in the suspect's North Carolina plates. The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office said the vehicle came back stolen and tied to an armed robbery. Due to the charges, the sheriff's office continued the pursuit.

Deputy Darnesia Adams in the Public Information Officer for Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, who said it was clear, "We were not letting him leave Rockdale."

During the three-minute video, the deputy calls out the speed at 115 miles per hour. As the video continues, the suspect crosses the center line several times, forcing other drivers off the road.

Towards the end of the video, the suspect is seen losing control, running off the road, and as he gets back on the road he is T-boned by a deputy's car. At this point, the suspect then runs off the other side of the road before hitting a ditch, and then hitting the deputy's car a second time.

During the second crash, the suspect's airbags deploys, and it appears he is going to stop. The deputy jumps out, and that's when the driver floors it and hits a guardrail. A second deputy then pulls in and blocks the suspect.

The suspect is then pulled out of the vehicle.

"He did assault one of the deputies, but that deputy is fine, and ultimately we got him down with no incidents besides that," explained Deputy Adams.

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office identified the suspect as Daryn Rouse, 27. The sheriff's office said he is wanted out of Maryland and North Carolina for multiple armed robberies and armed bank robberies. 11Alive is working to confirm the extent of those crimes.

Rouse is being held in the Rockdale County Detention Center. The sheriff's office said they did find a gun inside the stolen car and a large amount of cash.

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