DPD, MSP team up to stop suspect driving up to speeds of 135 mph with undercarriage on fire

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A suspect accused of driving at dangerous speeds through Detroit while their vehicle was on fire proved no match for troopers and Detroit police officers late Wednesday evening.

According to officials, the reckless driver was not pursued by police cruisers, but instead the Michigan State Police's Aviation Unit shortly before 10 p.m. on Dec. 28.

The unit's helicopter, Trooper 2, took to the skies to keep tabs on the suspect, who was recorded going at dangerously high speeds and flying past other motorists.

At several points in the footage, flames were seen coming from the vehicle.

"Big fire in the exhaust now," state police said. "Coming up through Gratiot now."

"He just passed me, his under body is on fire," another trooper on the ground responded.

"Oh, that makes sense, we're seeing it pretty good. He's 135 right now Eastbound 8 Mile," the state police in Trooper 2 added.

Earlier in the video, the driver can be seen zipping southbound on Gratiot in the center turn lane, and was recorded going at 145 mph on Hoyt.

"Probably got the pedal to the floor, wide open," troopers in the helicopter could be heard on the video. "Almost rear-ended somebody."

At one point in the footage captured by Trooper 2, the suspect could be seen possibly switching vehicles with another person at Berdan and Yorkshire before continuing onward.

MSP and Detroit police officers waited to intercept the suspect. They were seen later pulling the vehicle over and taking them into custody without any pursuit.

Another trooper could be heard on the video stating officers found a gun in the cup holder of the vehicle at the time of the arrest.

"Not sure when people thought it became OK to drive like this," state police said of the video released on social media. "However, these guys won’t be doing it again for a while."

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