Surveillance video shows bank robbery suspect shooting at Phoenix police helicopter, then shot by PD

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A new, edited video released from the Phoenix Police Department on Thursday shows an armed banker robber shooting at a police helicopter and then a sergeant shooting him.

It all started on April 20 at the Desert Financial Credit Union near Third Street and Thunderbird Road when, police said, Charles Andrew Rock walked in with a rifle and a homemade explosive and demanded money. He threatened everyone with the bomb before taking off with $1,000, court documents said. A 911 caller told police what his car looked like and where he was going.

A police helicopter spotted Rock’s car and followed it. He drove into a strip mall near 28th Drive and Cactus Road, got out of his car and shot at the helicopter 26 times, detectives said. “Air 23, the unit is firing at us. The suspect is firing at us at 28th and Cactus, firing at the helicopter,” said a helicopter officer in the police radio traffic. The helicopter wasn’t hit.

Police said a Phoenix sergeant was in an unmarked pickup truck and saw Rock shooting at the helicopter. From inside his truck, the sergeant shot Rock. The sergeant wasn’t wearing a body camera. Rock got back into his car and drove south on 28th Drive, and the sergeant followed. Rock then turned into another parking lot, where he then gave himself up and was taken into custody. He was taken to the hospital and later released. He was booked into jail on multiple felony charges. The sergeant who shot him has 17 years of service with Phoenix Police.

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