A wanted man in Tulsa is shot in the head after he pointed a gun at officers during a standoff

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The Tulsa Police Department (TPD) have confirmed an officer-involved shooting near East Pine Street and North 129th East Avenue.

Police say that they were serving an arrest warrant of a 22-year-old man that was accused of trying to set his home and family on fire.

When officers arrived at the man's home, he came out with a revolver and then officers shot him, according to TPD.

FOX23 spoke with Tulsa Police captain Richard Meulenberg.

"When we arrived at the location, he came out of his home with a revolver and his actions caused officers to open fire on the suspect, Meulenberg said.

Police said the suspect, Brenden L. Lantz, who was shot in the head with non-fatal injuries.

"So here we’re coming out here to arrest someone who’s known dangerous individual here’s someone who’s put his own family in harms way in the past so we already know that’s dangerous so we’re going to take as much caution and care as possible," Meulenberg said. "When someone comes out with a weapon they escalate that so we’re on high alert and his actions are going to endanger himself and everybody out here so officers were forced to take action based on the suspects action."

Lantz was taken to the hospital for treatment and was later booked into the Tulsa County Jail.

According to court documents, Lantz pleaded guilty to first degree arson, endangering human life, and assault and battery on a police officer in September.

The arson and endangering human life was from a case in September 2022, and the assault and battery on a police officer is from July of this year. Lantz took a plea deal on all three at the same time.

Lantz was given a suspended sentence and was told to complete the Arise program, a drug rehabilitation program, as part of his plea deal, according to court documents.

Court documents say he didn't show up to his first review which was set for last Thursday, and therefore a "bench warrant" was issued for his arrest, which is what led police to his home today.

"We came out here to arrest him for his warrants," Meulenberg said.

After being released from the hospital, Lantz was booked on his previous cases and for having a gun while under the supervision of the Department of Corrections and obstruction.

"At this time I don’t have information that says he actually discharged his weapon, but the way in which he presented it his actions today caused the officers to defend themselves," Meulenberg said.

He said the officers were all in uniform, all wearing vests, clearly marked as police officers and the incident happened in the middle of the day, so he isn't sure what Lantz's mindset was.

"Only one officer fired, and I believe it was only one round," Meulenberg said.

Family told FOX23 Kristan Smittle, niece of the homeowner and girlfriend of Lantz, was arrested and booked for harboring a fugitive.

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