Suspect in 2022 attempted robbery, arrested, found with drugs in his car

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A suspect in the August 2022 attempted robbery of a gaming establishment in Daytona was arrested on Thursday, deputies said.

Deputies said on Aug. 22. 2022, Green felt he was shortchanged on his winning at a gaming establishment, located at 1382 N. Nova Road, and returned to the business waving a gun.

After returning to the business, Green was challenged by a security guard and fired one round in his direction, deputies said. Green also knocked over a patron, however, no one was injured in the incident.

Volusia County deputies along with detectives with the East Volusia Narcotics Task Force, Eastside Crime Suppression Team, and the Daytona Beach Police officer arrested 32-year-old Reginold Green on an outstanding warrant in Daytona Beach.

On Thursday, following his arrest, detectives found plastic bags of fentanyl and cocaine inside his car.

After he was taken into custody, Green became upset and began kicking the back door of a patrol vehicle, causing significant damage and leaving it unable to fully close.

Green was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail and is being charged with attempted robbery with a firearm, two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, trafficking in fentanyl, two counts of possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia, and criminal mischief.

Green is being held on $278,500 bond.

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